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How to: Easy Missionary Christmas Stocking


I am so fortunate to have several women in my life who also have missionaries serving in the field right now.  We spent the better part of an October afternoon making these stockings to send to our missionaries.  They were incredibly easy and a fun project to take on.

We didn’t have a pattern for this per se – we sort of adapted it from an old pattern that a friend had, and made it up as we went along.  I’ve got a pattern for you now, which you may download for personal use only (no etsy shops or sellers, please).  If you post it anywhere, please link back here.

Pattern, part one & Pattern, part two.

Print your patterns, and cut them out.  Line up the dotted lines and tape the two together.  You can increase or decrease the desired length of the stocking here.


I used a child’s sized shirt and tie from Walmart for the top of the stocking.  The cost was around $10.  You can find one cheaper in a thrift store or re-use one that has been worn in your own house. The size for the stocking we made was size 6-7, but a smaller or larger shirt would work equally well.


Unpick the tag and the pocket from the shirt, being careful to keep the pocket intact.  Probably best if you use the proper sewing tools, but, as you can see, a kitchen knife worked just fine for me.


Cut the pocket to desired size (sorry, no pattern – just wing it!), following the same shape of the pocket, and press the edges over.  Set the pocket aside.


Line up the pattern with the center of the shirt and mark the edges. You can decide which way your stocking will face – left or right.  It doesn’t really matter.   Cut excess, from bottom to top of the shirt.  You are basically removing the sleeves and excess fabric at this point.  Your white shirt should now be the same width as the black stocking bottom pattern.


Lay the sock bottom pattern over black fabric and cut 2.  Using your cut bottom pieces, decide how long you want your stocking to be, and cut excess from the bottom of the white shirt to desired length.  I went just below the second button for this stocking, but you can make it shorter or longer.  Totally up to you.


With right sides together, pin sock bottom to white shirt on both sides, making sure that when your sock is put together, both bottoms go the same direction.


Stitch bottom of black sock to the front of the white shirt, leaving sides open.  Repeat with back of white shirt and second black sock piece.  (At this point, if you want a belt, now is the time to add it.  We used ribbon for a belt and simply stitched it to the sides.  Also, add some ribbon at the top of the shirt so it can be hung on a mantle.  We found fun metal buckles at JoAnn’s that we used on our stockings for belt buckles.  I did not have one handy for this demo.)


Before stitching sides together, sew the pocket back onto the front of the white shirt.  Make sure to leave the pocket open at the top.  You can tuck a candy cane or fun treat in there for your missionary later.


Turn the stocking inside out and pin the sides, making sure to line up the seam between the white shirt and bottom of the sock on both sides.


Stitch down both sides of the stocking, and around the toe.  Turn right side out.  Press.


Cut tie to desired length.  Fold over edges of the bottom of the tie and stitch by hand.  There’s really just too much fabric to get it through a machine, and you don’t want your stitches showing on the front side of the tie.  A few quick hand stitches is all you need.


And voila!  An adorable missionary stocking to send to your favorite elder.


Or sister:


We did not have a pattern for the sister’s stocking, but the premise was pretty much the same.  You can easily cut fabric and stitch it together, or find a children’s shirt that would work and design it that way.  Add embellishments and ribbon to finish it off.

I took it one step further and ordered plastic missionary tags for my stockings.  I found a company that makes them for about $9 each.  I had them in less than a week, and they looked fantastic.  With my son out in the field and getting a much smaller Christmas than he would if he were at home, even with this little extravagant touch, I still came out miles ahead of what I’d typically have spent on him.  But you could easily print a missionary tag at home, or even leave it without one.

I made a second stocking to send to my son’s companion.  His companion is not from the U.S., and my missionary told me it was the only package he received.  I was so happy to be able to send them both something fun for the holidays.


They really turned out so cute, and it was a fun way to spend the afternoon with my fellow Missionary Mamas.  Happy crafting!


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