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How To: Motivational Quotes

This past week, Elder Hendrix asked me if I would send him some quotes, like the ones I put in his locker during basketball season last year.  For me, that was one of my most favorite things that I did for him that year.  So, of course I jumped at the opportunity to pick out some new ones as well as send some of my favorites. Below was his basketball locker.


Have I mentioned how much I love quotes?  They are one of my most favorite things.  They inspire; they encourage; they motivate; they heal; they make me want to be a better person.  That is why I share them with my family.

Keep in mind that I am not photoshop savvy, so I turn to  Pinterest to find my quotes.  They have quotes for every topic you can think of.  I created a Motivational quotes board that had some of my favorites that I used last year as well as some new ones. Since our son loves basketball and sports in general, I included quotes from some of his favorite coaches. Once I find the quote that I want, I right click the pin and then add the image to photos.

Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 3.19.09 PM.png

It’s really simple.  Then I open up my photos and either print them directly at home or send them to Staples to have them printed.  You can print them whatever size you would like.  I chose 5×7 or smaller, depending on how the quote looked saved.

Once my quotes  were printed, I cut them all out, leaving about 1/4 of on inch of white around the edges of the picture. This gives it a nice border.  With Matthew being on his mission and moving potentially every six weeks. I opted to laminate the quotes this time.  This makes them #missionaryproof and hopefully will allow him to take them wherever he goes.


Then comes the fun part.  LAMINATING.  I’ve raised two sons, am currently our Primary President, served on numerous PTA boards and never owned a laminator until a few weeks ago.  Where have I been?  Seriously though, this laminator rocks!


I placed two quotes in each laminating page.  Once laminated, I cut out the quotes and they were ready to ship. Below are just a few of the quotes that I sent.  I did throw in a few rolls of tape for my missionary along with a few of his favorite candies. Sometimes it’s the thoughtful and simple packages that mean the most to our sweet missionaries.  I know that Elder Hendrix will love his.



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