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How To: Missionary Farewell Italian Soda Bar



When it came to my sons mission farewell open house, I would like to say that I had it all together, but truth be told, I was a wreck.  I was stressed, anxious, nervous, uncertain, heartbroken and every emotion in between. I wanted to do something unique yet still wanted it to be somewhat stress free(if that was even possible). So I opted to have an Italian Soda Bar.  Let me tell you, it was a hit!!

I researched it on Pinterest and found some ideas and came up with my plan.  I knew that I wanted to have it so you could serve yourself and be something where our guests could come and go as they pleased.  Since I do not have the best penmanship, I enlisted the assistance of a dear friend to help me draw up the recipe on my chalkboard. One thing that I’ve learned as I’ve written on my chalkboard often, is that some chalkboard pens are better than others, my favorite pen is the Bistro Chalk Marker. It writes extremely well and is easy to remove.


I turned to Amazon to purchase a few of the items that I needed for that day.  I heard that the fruit flavors were popular so I went with the Torani Syrup Assorted Summer Flavors as well as the Torani Fruit Flavored Three Pack.  I also found that people love to add vanilla to their Italian Soda, so I purchased two bottle of the Torani Vanilla Syrup. I also bought the Torani Syrup Pump.  I purchased 2 sets of 5.  I initially purchased  a less expensive set, but learned the hard way and ended up going with them anyway. img_4760

I picked up my plastic cups and paper straws on Amazon as well. It simplified the process for me and left me only needing to purchase  half and half and  Sparkling Water from our local grocery store and of course pebble ice from Sonic!


Step One: Grab your cup and put 2-3 pumps of your favorite syrup in your cup.  I added  2 pumps of Vanilla and 2 pumps of Strawberry.


Step Two: Fill your cup 3/4 full of ice (again, if you have a Sonic near you or know of a business that has pebbled ice, I highly recommend it).


Step Three: Add Sparkling Water ( I purchased 2 cases of San Pellegrino Natural Mineral Water at Costco) to 1-1 1/2 inches below the top.


Step Four: If you would like a creamy soda, add in just a splash of cream.


Step Five: Garnish with whipped cream and a cherry if desired.


Step Six: Stir up your Italian Soda and enjoy.


These sodas were a hit!  All of guests went on and on about how much they enjoyed them and what a great idea it was.  For me it was a win-win.  It was creative, yet didn’t require a lot of time leading up to his open house.

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