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How To: Missionary Farewell Globe Cookies

For my son’s mission farewell, I kind of channeled all my nervous energy into baking.  It did nothing to stop the flow of tears, but it produced a lot of cute baked goods.  I found Earth-day cookies online and modified them using an existing recipe I had for snickerdoodles.  The globe is so symbolic of these… Continue reading How To: Missionary Farewell Globe Cookies

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Trusting the System

I remember vividly the day my oldest son went to kindergarten.  I had birthed three children in four years, and, quite honestly, was looking forward to each of them taking a few steps towards independence.  My day-to-day logistics were challenging .  My husband traveled during the week for work, and I was solo parenting every… Continue reading Trusting the System

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How To: Motivational Quotes

This past week, Elder Hendrix asked me if I would send him some quotes, like the ones I put in his locker during basketball season last year.  For me, that was one of my most favorite things that I did for him that year.  So, of course I jumped at the opportunity to pick out… Continue reading How To: Motivational Quotes

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The Christmas Skype: Harder than you think

When we hear the ping of the Skype call, we all scramble and dive for the laptop.  It is resting on the kitchen counter, charging overnight to ensure full battery life for the most important call of our year.  I had previously held visions of us chatting with him comfortably on the couch, stockinged feet… Continue reading The Christmas Skype: Harder than you think

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How to: Easy Missionary Christmas Stocking

I am so fortunate to have several women in my life who also have missionaries serving in the field right now.  We spent the better part of an October afternoon making these stockings to send to our missionaries.  They were incredibly easy and a fun project to take on. We didn’t have a pattern for this per… Continue reading How to: Easy Missionary Christmas Stocking

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I Hope They Call Me on a Mission

When your children are little, the idea of them actually serving a mission seems so distant, yet when you are faced with the stark reality that is now knocking at your door, you open that door with a bit of apprehension, excitement and utmost uncertainty for what lies ahead. For as long as I can remember, we’ve prayed… Continue reading I Hope They Call Me on a Mission