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How To: Sister Missionary Cookies


Got a sister missionary in your life?  We’re going to show you how to create these adorable sugar cookies for sisters.  Don’t be intimidated.  They are incredibly easy.

I used this cookie cutter from Amazon.  The cookies are pretty large (about four inches tall) so make sure you double your batch if you need a lot of cookies for your event.  One batch made about 20 cookies.

The recipe can be downloaded and printed here.  Once your cookies are baked and your icing is ready, you can begin decorating.

The first step is to outline the shirt portion of the dress.  It doesn’t have to be a white shirt.  You can go with whatever color works for you.


Then flood the shirt portion.  Let it sit for 15-20 minutes.


Next, you will outline the skirt.  You do not need to trace a line where the shirt and skirt meet – the white icing will hold the edge and be a natural barrier.


Then you will flood the skirt.


In order to create the polka dots, you need to use the wet-on-wet technique.  This means, you immediately pipe the polka dots into the wet icing, which will allow the entire skirt icing to lay flat on the cookie.  This can be a little tricky – but just pipe your dot and lift straight up. (Feed any mess-ups to your salivating teenagers.)


Then pipe three buttons on the shirt using your outline consistency icing.


Lastly, pipe the missionary tag onto the shirt and use a toothpick to straighten and drag out the edges of the tag.


That’s it!  Super cute sister missionary dresses ready for your next farewell, homecoming, or any other missionary-themed event.


Happy baking!

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