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Black Collar Shirts Giveaway

We are incredibly excited to announce our best giveaway to date.  We are partnering with Black Collar Shirts and giving away FIVE white shirts. That’s right, I said FIVE. Finally, someone has come up with a way to eliminate the pesky collar stains on white dress shirts.  I’m dying that I didn’t know about these shirts… Continue reading Black Collar Shirts Giveaway

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Six Ways We Can Help the Missionaries

Confession time:  I never did much for the missionaries until I was the mother of one. I know. I feel embarrassed about that.  It wasn’t intentional; I was just wrapped up in my own world and didn’t think much about the missionaries.  I was busy raising kids, supporting a traveling husband, and doing whatever calling… Continue reading Six Ways We Can Help the Missionaries

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As a mother of a missionary, I like to have things around our home that remind our family of what our son is doing.  I created this My Missionary Commission and thought perhaps you might like one as well. We displayed ours at our missionary’s open house. You can download the file, by clicking on… Continue reading FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

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Get yourself a Facebook, STAT.

Saturday was my missionary’s 19th birthday. I’ve spent every birthday with him until now, and all day Saturday, I fought back tears.  My heart just ached and pined for him.  I wondered if anyone knew, or even wished him a happy birthday.  I wondered if he felt homesick or sad.  I happened to be on a weekend away with… Continue reading Get yourself a Facebook, STAT.

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Five Missionary Must Haves

The other day  I was messaging back and forth with our missionary and I asked him a few questions about some of the items we purchased for him. I wanted to know how they were working out and if he found them useful.  Since I live in Texas, the resources for missionaries were somewhat limited, therefore, I… Continue reading Five Missionary Must Haves