Who We Are


We are Missionary Mamas.  We both have sons serving in different missions in Chile, and we are in the process of helping two more sons prepare to serve.  We are trying to navigate the ups and downs that come with this incredible opportunity.  We love our missionaries, and have found that sharing this experience with others is what helps us to laugh, cry, cope, and find the strength to survive.

Aimee grew up in Northern Nevada where she was introduced to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints her Junior year of high school.  She met her husband Adam attending college in 1995 and they moved to Texas in 2007. She is the mother of two amazing sons. She’s currently serving on the board of several youth organizations within her community. She enjoys freelance writing, diet coke, white sand beaches and watching football. She’s never met a stranger and has been known to warm up the audience on The Oprah Show. She loves her missionary something fierce and looks forward to his weekly adventures as he pounds the concrete jungle of Santiago, Chile.

Christie is the mother of three children – two boys and a girl.  She was born and raised in Utah, but has not lived there for 21 years.  She has spent her married life living in seven different states, and now happily calls Texas home.  She is a freelance writer, and is a contributor to multiple online publications.  She has been published on Upworthy, and was the featured guest on the national radio show, Answers For the Family in the fall of 2016.  She was cited in Inc. Magazine in 2016, and authored the now-viral article, How To Raise a Happy Teen.  She loves to travel, read novels, and drink diet coke.  The best day ever would include all three.